Dew’s Biography

Being a drop of water himself, Dew cares a lot about water. Dew has lived all over the world, in oceans, rivers and lakes. Eventually, his travels brought him to Dallas. After his many trips through washing machines, sinks, sprinklers, and drains, Dew realized how often water is wasted. He came jetting out of sprinklers during the hottest times of the day, and whirled around in washing machines full of water, with hardly any clothes. He watched small loads of dishes washed in dishwashers.

One day, as he was swirling down another drain, he decided he didn’t want to be a drip any longer. He decided his mission should be letting people know the importance of saving water. He took all he learned in Dallas households and came up with easy ways for everyone to save water and make it last for years to come.

As the DWU Mascot, Dew Promises…

“It’s actually very easy to save water – you just have to know how. I’ve lived my whole life as a drop of water, and I know how important water is to everyone in Dallas. Making many trips to Dallas homes has made me an expert on how water can be saved. I know lots of simple ways to save water, like fixing sprinkler heads to water the plants and not water the driveway or sidewalks around your house. As the Save Water Mascot, I’ll teach you lots of simple ways to save water in your home. If everyone works together, we can save enough water to last into the future.”

Inauguration Photos

Dew mascot with students at inaugurationDew mascot on stage with students at inauguration
Dew mascot among students at inaugurationDew mascot at inauguration